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Throwing a Safe Kiddie Pool Party

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Kids who were born during the summer and spring months routinely experience a great perk that winter and fall children have only dreamed of and that is annual swimming pool birthday parties. These fortunate children actually have the luxury of having their birthday celebrations mixed with games of Marco Polo as well as cannonball dives. However, along with the warm season as well as fun comes the threat of experiencing mishaps that are related to the pool. These can include drowning or injuries. Fortunately, parents can be able to help a lot in mitigating these threats through following some simple rules on top of keeping your pool water clean with the help of a professional Navarre pool service provider. Learn more about it below.

Designating a Water Watcher

There are actually organizations nowadays that strives in helping communities as well as families to keep their children safe from any injuries or accidents related to using the pool. These organizations actually recommend that you have a designated qualified water watcher when the kids are swimming near adults. A designated water watcher can be an adult who fully agrees that he or she will keep on looking after the kids in the pool without distractions. Right after a designated period of time like fifteen to twenty minutes, the card will then be passed to another person, who will then be responsible in getting the kids supervised while swimming in the pool. This will also allow all the adults to share the fun of the party as well as the responsibility for the safety of their children.

Learn CPR

Accidents can happen when you least expect it and you never know when CPR or cardio pulmonary resuscitation can be able to help save the life of a child. The moment a kid is drowning, her hear can stop beating. This is why CPR is conducted to keep the oxygenated blood flowing since this can help keep our vital organs alive. Experts believe that keeping the flow of blood active can extend the opportunity of having a successful CPR once a really trained medical personnel will arrive.

Make Sure to Establish the Rules and Regulations Early On

Before the children jump into the swimming pool, it is certainly a good idea to simply sit them down as well as talk to them about the safety rules for a few minutes. You can use these rules while on a kiddie pool party:

  • No shoving or pushing
  • Jump in feet first
  • No holding other children under the water
  • No running
  • Look prior to jumping in the water in order to make sure that it is clear of toys and people

Spend Time in Knowing Your Swimmers

Experts also recommend that the people who are hosting the children pool party know the swimming abilities of the kids attending. For example, non-swimmers have to wear a life jacket that’s approved by coast guard since inflatable water wings can deflate or come off easily and may put the kids at risk. In addition to that, parents either have to bring the lifejackets of their kids or make sure that the party host will be the one providing them.

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