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6 Car Improvements for Better Efficiency 

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An old vehicle is fine especially if you have a sentimental value for it. However, don’t limit yourself from upgrades and improvements too. Even though the car has served its basic purpose, you would eventually want a smoother ride, better handling and more power. We can’t blame you with this. But if you can’t afford a new ride, you can still revamp your car and give it a new look. This way, you’re going to save more money and you still get to keep your car. In this article, we will list the upgrades that you can afford. Even some of them can be done on your own garage.  Better Efficiency

Installing Window Tint 

It’s time to improve the tint of your windows. If your current window tint is not effective when it comes to filtering light and maintaining the right temperature inside your car, it’s time to invest in a new one. You will have more privacy and security. There are different types of tint you can choose from which also suit your budget. Just give window tinting Colorado Springs a call then you’re good to go.  

New Tires 

The tires experience wear and tear over time, especially if you’re driving for many miles. Giving your car fresh tires will give you a better handling experience. If your car has good performance and power but the tires are not great, then it would be for nothing if you can’t transfer those amazing qualities while driving. Make sure you invest in high-quality rubber.  

Fresh Spark Plugs 

One of the most overlooked aspect in a car is the spark plug. Investing in new and better spark plugs is a good idea since you can find in affordable prices. Fresh spark plugs can make a big difference. The higher the quality, the better the combustion. This will translate to better fuel economy and more power.  

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Flash 

The engine control unit in vehicles are being set up by the manufacturers to control engine’s fuel-air mixture. This has the job to maximize the power and efficiency. However, the parameters of ECU are programmed by the manufacturers to be below the capability of the car, they do this as a safety net. The good news is that you can reprogram it. The results are better gas mileage and engine performance.  

Install a Cold-Air Intake 

If your car feels congested and cannot breathe, its efficiency is affected. So, the better it breathes, the better it runs. That’s why it’s good to invest in a cold-air intake. It makes the engine cooler and more condenses, and engine loves this. Once the air is flowing freely in the engine, it will function better.  

Replace the Bushing 

Doing this could be challenging, but beneficial for you. Factory rubber bushings kill the vibrations though the car, from the engine and chassis and suspension and frame. They experience wear and tear over time, so investing in high-quality rubber bushings will do a better quelling of vibrations.  


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